How & When To Consider AC Replacement

Your Phoenix Air conditioning replacement guide.

Whether you are in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Tucson or Safford, you need an air conditioner during the hot Arizona summer months. And you don’t need any old air conditioner. You need the champ, the boss, the one that delivers on its promises.

Integrity air conditioning services understand this and want to help you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioning system, so you don’t get stuck needing emergency A.C. services in the middle of a heatwave.

The process of replacing your HVAC system can feel daunting. The most important step is choosing the best air conditioning service pros in your area. Knowing the right questions to ask is a great way to interview potential hires.

Below is a list of questions, as well as keywords you need to listen for in a quality Phoenix HVAC technician.

Why Do You Need a New System?

How the technician responds to this question is more of the answer than the technical terms used to describe a breakdown or damage.

An air conditioning service provider in Phoenix will teach you rather than tell you. He or she will want you to understand how HVAC systems work so you can feel confident in using the system. And you will be able to communicate with them in the future.

How specific their answer is, is another clue. If they give you a vague, fear-provoking answer, they are not the company to hire. There are specific reasons to get a new unit and your technician should be able to point those out.

Is Every Fee Included in the Free Estimate?

Air conditioning replacement and installation professionals in Phoenix typically offer free estimates. Some companies will provide a generic estimate, only to later charge you additional fees for services already provided.

To avoid this, ask the HVAC representative to include every single cost in the original estimate. Get it in writing that the final cost they present to you is the final cost you pay. Of course, there are times when technicians replacing your air conditioner will encounter issues they could not have seen or known about during the initial inspection. When this happens, you can work together to decide the best course of action based on the budget.

What Are Your Options for Air Conditioning Replacement?

If a Phoenix-area service provider gives you one option, to simply replace the existing unit with a matching one, call for a second opinion.

The HVAC industry is constantly improving and developing new products. For example, many people are choosing to put slim units in each room that connect to an outside unit rather than running ductwork throughout their home. If you have ductwork issues, this can be a less expensive option.

The best Phoenix A.C. replacement specialists will offer you more than one option for the size and needs of your home.

Are There Financial Benefits to Replacing Rather Than Repairing?

It’s normal to think of getting a repair rather than to replace your air conditioner. That’s because finances are a big deal to everyone. You have every right to ask your local HVAC professional about how you will benefit from replacing your system.

Good technicians will be able to show you that the newer energy-efficient air conditioners save you a lot of money in utility costs. This is because it takes less energy to run the newer models. Also, you can receive tax credits by purchasing energy-efficient air conditioners in Phoenix.

Furthermore, many Arizona HVAC companies offer rebates and discounts when you replace your system. Ask the person giving you an estimate about possible discounts, coupons, and rebates you can use to help with costs.

Can They Give Your References?

You are interviewing air conditioning service professionals in Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas. You have the intention of hiring the best company in your area. To do so, ask them to provide you with a list of references of their happy customers, who will give objective and fair feedback.

If a company refuses to give references, don’t hire them.

After all, you are not looking for feedback that is “perfect”. No HVAC company is perfect. You do want feedback that shows you when there is a problem, or a mistake, the company made you a priority and worked with you as professionals to come up with a solution to the problem. You want a company that takes responsibility and shows integrity, and who truly care about providing you with a good product and services.