4 Ways to Lower Your Cooling Costs This Summer

When you hear “lower cooling costs,” you may think that translates to “don’t use your AC so much.” And during an Arizona summer, that’s not happening. You may be willing to fight for the use of the air conditioner. With millions of people living in the Phoenix area, you are not alone.

Rather than get into a heated battle with members of your household, be prepared with the facts that prove you can still use the AC as you wish and lower your cooling costs this summer.

Below are four tips on how to help you out.

1 – Use an Energy Efficient AC System

Advancements in the HVAC industry include technology that helps you reduce the cost of your utility bills with internal timers. Back in the day, if you were leaving your home for the day, your parents would turn off the air to conserve energy. Upon your return home, you spent the first half-hour just trying to breathe because the air was so hot and humid.

Today, you can set a time for your AC to turn itself off automatically. And if you forget to set a timer, you can connect to your HVAC system through SMART technology. Some units allow you to communicate through your cell phone.

Some reports predict that before too long, air conditioners will be connected to online weather services and will be able to self-regulate the temperature in your home based on changes in the weather outside. That is amazing.

If this all seems too techy, don’t worry. Your local HVAC installers will be able to teach you how to use the systems. They can also show you how to get a tax break for installing energy-efficient appliances. Everyone could use a tax break.

2 – Keep the Sun Out

This seems crazy. Why would you want to keep the sun out when the sun offers so many positive health benefits? You are right, and soaking up the sun is highly recommended when you are home.

When you leave your house, however, the sun is just shining into your rooms, heating them. While the sun is making your home hotter internally, your air conditioning is working overtime to keep the room temperatures at your desired level.

When air conditioners work harder, they use more energy, which causes an increase in costs.

So, before you leave your house, make it dark in your home. Pull the curtains shut and blinds down. This will keep the inside of your home cooler, and your AC will work less.

3 – Keep It Clean

You may have heard this before; cleaning vents is essential for proper airflow. What you may not know is that clean vents and filters can also reduce cooling costs during the summer. When dirt and debris build up on any parts of your air conditioner, especially the vents and filters, your AC must work harder to meet the demands of its job.

To turn hot air into cold, to reduce humidity, and to push air through the vents, your AC system already has a lot of work to do. Weight it down with dirt and debris, and the struggle becomes real for your AC.

Changing filters should be done monthly or every other month, depending on how much dust and dirt builds up. Vents should be checked often. As you walk by them, glance into them to see if you see any obstructions.

Protect Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is what sends the signal to your primary system, telling it when to get busy and when to take a break. Where you hang your thermostat makes a massive difference in how your AC performs.

If you hang your thermostat in direct line of sunlight, where all day long the bright Phoenix sun is beating down on your thermostat, it is going to continually tell your AC to keep running to cool down the environment.

On the other hand, if you hang your thermostat in a cooler place, away from the sun, it will not need to work as hard.

You can continue protecting your thermostat by keeping it away from other hot appliances, like your stove or dryer. The further away it is from heat, the less energy it will expend. There are many more ways to lower your cooling costs this summer. To have a specific plan developed based on your lifestyle, call the local pros at Integrity HVAC.